Global Medicine Network

A free and open service for the international health community.

Network Examples

The following scenarios represent the type of work made possible by the Global Medicine Network.

A pediatrician in Honduras finds a pediatric practice in the United States willing to host her for a week. Six months later, she returned the favor by hosting her colleague back in Tegucigalpa. 

A student in Boston finds a doctor in Belize to supervise him on a one-month rotation in a Belmopan hospital.

A relief organization finds seven healthcare workers from three different countries for its upcoming medical relief trip to Mali.  

Remote Consultation
A lung specialist in Indonesia offers clinical advice via email to a colleague in Malaysia who was having trouble managing a difficult case.

Idea Exchange
Massachusetts Medical Society staff identify physicians in the Caribbean interested in contributing material for a regionally targeted publication.

Individuals involved in school health projects in different developing countries share advice on successful health screening programs.

A Cambridge researcher locates colleagues in six tropical countries willing to collaborate on a tuberculosis research project. 

Two small relief organizations team up to share shipping expenses on a freighter bound for Haiti.

Supply Donations
European and Canadian network members respond to a request from a new pediatric hospital in Angkor, Cambodia for donated medical books and recent journals.